adidas ZX Flux

ZX aims to conquer the world!

  • Attract and retain media attention and the attention of target groups throughout entire campaign; 60 articles in print and online media.
  • Identify original and creative brand ambassadors among representatives of urban, street culture.
  • Achieve min. 100 applications to #zxflux street art competition organized in cooperation with Vecernji list.
  • Min. 25 participants at #zxpumphunt competition.
  • Using specially created cocktail of PR and digital tools with a base in the global content and upgrading digital channels of local brand ambassadors to ensure the interest of media and max.duration of the campaign.
  • Establishing a special cooperation with carefully selected key media to ensure quality media coverage and reach of target audiences.
  • In order to ensure the best possible coverage, reach more people and achieve goals, we designed cocktail of PR and digital activities, and its ingredients are:

  1. creative press kit
  2. press releases and media information 
  3. photoshooting
  4. interviews and topic placement
  5. prize winning games
  6. creative contests
  7. guerrilla activities
  8. adidas' the social networks and those of ambassadors
  9. events sponsorship
  10. bloggers relations
We set 3 phases of campaign to ensure that our tools are successfully implemented:
  • The first phase began with the adaptation of global press release about the ZX and new model ZX 850, and the combination of global and local posts on the adidas official FB page.
  • The second phase is associated with introduction of the so-called ZX Flux model and local ambassadors. Ambassadors we chose are established street art and visual artist OKO, and street art collective Pimp My Pump (PMP).
    • Organization of photoshooting with the ambassadors, after which we prepared creative press kit that included one piece of work by PMP and PR materials. 
    • And finally, sponsorship of PMP block party, which OKO also attended.
    • Because of strict rules for posting on the adidas owned channels, social networks of ambassadors were used for further placement of the content.
    • On Pimp My Pump FB page we organized creative competition called #zxpumphunt.
    • ZX was originally running shoe, so we have linked the campaign with project “Adidas neighborhood cross” in a way that every cross event (out of five), was attended by the guys from PMP that were painting water pumps wearing ZX Flux sneakers.
  • The third phase is related to the adidas ZX Flux FW collection. In addition to established  tools, this phase has been further enriched by organization of creative #zxflux street art competition and cooperation with blogger Petra Nižetić that used her stay in London for the interview with OKO (she lives and works in London).
    • In cooperation with Vecernji list, we have placed stories about OKO and Boris Bare (PMP) who wore their ZX Flux shoes and made a tour of their favorite street works in London and Zagreb.
    • The story of ZX ends with guerrilla activity held within the Zagreb marathon in which PMP, dressed as water pumps participated in the race. 
    • Throughout the campaign we organized interviews in key media and performed placement of various topics.
  • The campaign has achieved all set goals
  • OKO and Pimp My Pump proved to be an excellent choice for ambassadors, their photos thrilled the media and they gladly used them for their articles, their fans and global adidas social media team shared photos on all social networks.
  • PR activities in all phases resulted in a total of 85 print and online articles worth  516.195 kn. The goal was surpassed for 40%.
  • Topic placement and interviews were published in: Gloria Glam, Jutarnji List and the portals and