Nivea Baby Educational Seminar


  • To raise the level of consciousness and knowledge about the importance of adequate baby skin care, latest innovations and developments in the field of baby skin care and NIVEA Baby products as high quality products which provide top level skin care among midwives and pregnant women.
  • To encourage midwives to develop confidence in NIVEA Baby products among pregnant women and new mothers, by offering them an opportunity for education and bringing additional value to their professional work.



  • Developing an educational program for midwives including professional gatherings/educational seminars held yearly.
  • Additional professional education on baby skin care, development and the importance/effects of using high quality baby skin products in everyday baby care for midwives.
  • Communication support from the president of Midwives Association of HUMS.
  • Cooperation with Croatian Chamber of Nurses - categorization as a symposium.
  • Cooperation with related educational institutions and professional associations.


Tactics/General concept

  • Seminar included different topics and offered latest information on new products and latest trends in baby care. Lectures were held by prominent experts - pediatricians, midwives, medical research experts.
  • Compared to 2007,  program was upgraded with one additional lecture and a workshop  with babies and their parents.
  • The seminar was moderated by a popular TV host Sanja Doležal, who is also an ambassador of one local humanitarian organization for children.
  • Seminar also included a lunch and an informal part as an incentive for the participants. After the formal part of the seminar, the seminar hall was transformed into a theatre and famous actor and director Zijah Sokolovic exclusively performed his comedy "Stork" for the participants of the seminar.
  • The survey on the quality of the seminar was filled in by the participants at the end of the seminar.
  • A special gift package including a CD-ROM with lectures and a diploma was given to all participants at the end of the seminar.



  • More than 180 midwives from all parts of Croatia attended the seminar, which was an increase of 125% compared to the first seminar in 2007.
  • The survey on the quality of the seminar showed outstanding positive feedback.