"Chew for change"

The "Žvači jer to promjenu znači" campaign is the adoption of Wrigley's "Chew for change" global campaign. The campaign is conducted in over 15 European countries with a goal of raising public awareness on the topic of oral health.



  • Arrange partnership on the project with Croatian Dental Chamber.
  • Generate at least 50 press coverages during the campaign.
  • Arrange presence of at least 800 children on dental examinations.
  • Arrange support from Ministry of Health for campaign in 2016.




  • Through organization of education and health examinations in elementary schools, by the usage of different PR tools, directly and indirectly influence and raise awareness on the importance of oral health of children.




  • During the campaign cooperation with key partner on the topic of oral health - Croatian Dental Chamber has been arranged.
  • The "Chew for Change" campaign has been announced through press conference organized in March 2015. The announcement communicated campaign partner, length and campaign goals.
  • The funding of the campaign has been presented in May in which Orbit announced to collect 5 lipa from every gums package sold. The funding lasted for two months.
  • In October the campaign announced educational/health related workshops for 11 elementary schools in Croatia, which consisted of two activities - educational puppet show "Zuboskop" and dental examinations through selected schools.
  • Press conference that presented the campaign results together with the results of oral research done in cooperation with Croatian Dental Chamber was organized in December 2015.




  • Generated 72 press articles in all relevant national and local media - 30.5% over the goal set.
  • PR activities resulted in TV report (TV report length - 132 sec.).
  • Interview with oral health doctor in leading monthly magazine Ljepota i zdravlje.
  • Dental examinations gathered 1100 children - 27% over the goal set.
  • Partnership with Croatian Dental Chamber arranged.
  • Arranged Ministry of Health support for campaign activities in 2016, and inclusion of the project in National Oral Health Council base of projects.