Consumers, get to know your rights!

Consumers informative campaign "Consumers, get to know your rights!" is an European Commission initiative launched with the goal to raise the awareness of Croatian citizens on their consumer rights.


  • Strengthen the awareness of consumer rights among the national and local media - generate 300 media posts during the campaign.
  • Arrange 6 to 12 interviews with the spokespersons during the campaign.
  • Distribute 12 press releases during the campaign.
  • Achieve 10 000 followers on the official Facebook page of the campaign.
  • Promote four consumer advice centers involved in the campaign (Zagreb, Osijek, Split i Pula), European consumers center and info line for consumers - 072 414 414 as the sources for further information and advice to consumers.
  • Inform and involve representatives of the private and public sector in the activities of the campaign.
  • Involve leading shopping chains and shopping centers as partners to communicate the message of importance of consumer rights.



  • Inform the consumers and raise the awareness about their rights by connecting key private, public and non-governmental sector stakeholders through usage of various communication tools in the campaign.



  • Regarding three key topics of consumer rights promoted in the campaign, three round tables were organized with the goal of gathering representatives of public, private and non-governmental sectors to discuss the improvement of consumer rights in those areas.
  • Organization of the round tables was supported by the organization of "Guerilla events", also on three key topics of the campaign. The purpose of these events was to draw attention and interest among the target group about their consumer rights.
  • Organizational support of 10 local events for local advice consumer centers from Zagreb, Pula, Osijek and Split.
  • Inform consumers about their rights through cooperation with shopping centers - Lidl, Emmezeta and City Center One from March to May 2015.
  • Promote European Consumer Center in Croatia by organizing a short briefing and public event for consumers.


Complete communication of the project involved: press conference,organization of three round tables, three guerrilla events, promotional event of the European Consumer Center, logistic and PR support of 10 events in organization of local advice consumer centers, production of 23 press releases, arrangement of 24 interviews with spokespersons of the campaign, maintenance of the campaign website, production of 10 "success stories" which served as an example of how to solve consumer problems which were published on the official campaign website, production of 5 infographics. Through Facebook page, which generated 16.300 followers, communication with the consumers was kept active with daily or weekly posts. The official YouTube channel served as a channel for videos that showed the campaign activities.



  • Introductory press conference generated 34 media clippings.
  • Reached in total 351 media clippings in all leading media (TV, radio, print, online) - 15% more over the goal.
  • Arranged 24 interviews in total, with the spokespersons of the campaign - 100% over the goal.
  • Facebook page has reached 16.300 followers - 63% over the goal.
  • Four local advice consumer centers have reported 32% more contacts by the consumers than in the same period before the campaign.
  • The use of consumer info line 072 414 414 promoted in campaign resulted in 42% of all contacts made towards the centers.
  • The research made by the Commission on the sample of 1000 respondents showed that nearly half of them (47%) saw or heard information on their consumer rights during the campaign period.
  • Three round tables gathered in total 37 representatives of private, public (ministries and regulatory agencies) and non-governmental sector.
  • Through collaboration with shopping centers we have distributed over 20.000 factsheets on 12 consumer rights topics communicated in the campaign.