EPL - launch in Croatia

Launch of the EPL brand in Croatia



  • • To present EPL brand to Croatian market using PR activities that will ensure the maximum quantity and quality of media coverage and reach the target audiences



  • • Ensure the media coverage in the relevant business and lifestyle media
  • • Distribute PR activities trough longer period of time in order to ensure the continued presence of the brand in the media



  • • PR activities were focused on two fields - business and lifestyle
  • • Placement of announcements in the business media with a focus on investment and development of EPL Diamond Group on the Croatian market
  • • Placing interviews with key people of the company in relevant media
  • • Event for the occasion of opening of the first EPL Yakutian Diamond shop in Zagreb
  • •Presentation of new collections and benefits through small meetings and education in jewelry shop and PR placements in targeted lifestyle media
  • • Announcement of  Janica Kostelić as ambassador of the brand
  • • Launched Facebook page
  • • Organization of Christmas event



  • 60 articles in print and online media, 5 TV reports
  • Media coverage over 800,000 HRK
  • Achieved more than 8,900 Facebook fans