Media training


  • To achieve better understanding of the media and train participants to improve media performance through communication skills learning.


  • By organizing a series of three day workshops and engaging professional journalists and language experts as trainers, media training is customized to meet specific objectives in a tailored-made form.
  • Module objectives of this training highlight the importance of communication in everyday life, identify obstacles for successful communication, identify the importance of media performance with in-depth understanding of image and reputation and the influence on the latter.
  • Modules also include analysis of verbal and nonverbal communication, importance of the voice and pronunciation for media performance, and in-depth analysis of positive and negative media performance.


  • The workshops consist of theoretical and practical part. In a theoretical part specific topics important for successful media performance are covered.
  • Participants also have an opportunity to learn about specifics of different media approaches.
  • Practical part consists of individual interviews with journalists in original radio/TV studios.
  • At the end of the workshops each participant is individually evaluated and written guidelines and advices for future media performances are given.


  • Media trainings have become a continuous programme for client's middle management, now lasting for two years.
  • After each workshop, customized evaluations are undertaken, where each participant evaluate the training – its content, trainers and level of satisfacti-on.
  • The marks show high average general grade (on scale from 1 till 6, average grade is 5) and high interest for further communication trainings.