NIVEA CSR project

CSR project "Let the growing up be a child's game" focused on developing children's competences through play.

“Let growing up be child’s play” is a CSR project we have created and executed for Beiersdorf Croatia in cooperation with an NGO partner The Union of Societies “Our children” Croatia for a third year in a row.




In 2016 main topic of the project were toys and their history and importance in children’s lives. We have organized educational programs for OCS volunteers, free educational workshops for families, creative online toy contest with four of Croatian designers and a toy exhibition.


Dizajnerice I Prototipovi


Results: More than a thousand families were involved in the project, various experts in the field of psychology, pedagogy and culture supported the project, more than fourty educated OCS volunteers, 49 free workshops all around Croatia with over a 300 created toys, around 200 visitors of the Toys Exhibition and great media coverage (without special media deals) - 118 clippings in total, 3 interviews, 7 TV and 4 radio reports.