Take over bid (TOB) on "Sunčani Hvar"



  • To promote the Orco Property Group as the best tender for public u private partnership in Suncani Hvar and successfully bid at the privatization tender.
  • To create its image and reputation as a successful, transparent and financially reliable company with experience in investment, hotel management and property development.
  • To build and maintain stable and quality relations with key individuals in local community of the City of Hvar. 


  • Establish and maintain positive contacts with the media
  • Establish good communication with journalists
  • Develop friendly and open relationship with local community (the Mayor, members of the City council, the Bishop, director of the hotels, etc.)
  • Explain the intention to invest and promote Suncani Hvar to important stakeholders and to the general public
  • Meetings with experts in the field of economy and the privatization process in order to discuss the best strategic approach 

  • Throughout all methods of execution (listed below) the following messages were implemented within

a) ORCO is strong, transparent and reliable financial partner.
b) ORCO is a successful investor, hotel operator and property developer
c) ORCO has great experience in PPP and therefore is ideal private partner for Croatian Government
d) ORCO is a good employer which cares about current employees and plans to provide more work places, giving priority to local people. The message 'Turning beautiful Hvar into successful Hvar' has been the leading point and the key message of communication activities.



  • Paid advertisements in Jutarnji list, Vecernji list, Slobodna Dalmacija, Dnevnik and Vjesnik
  • Interviews conducted with representatives of Orco Property Group in various print and electronic media
  • Press releases
  • Public presentation to the community of Hvar
  • One-day press trip with journalists to Prague
  • Public poll in Hvar
  • Press conference
  • VIP cocktail party
  • Crisis management
  • Lobbying 


  • In April 2005 the Croatian Privatization Fund announced that Orco Property Group bid has been selected in the public tender for the privatization of the company Suncani Hvar.
  •  In May 2005 the latter was approved by the Croatian Government thus making Orco a partner to the State in public u private partnership in Suncani Hvar.