Internal communication


  • To increase the quality of communication between employees and to standardize internal and external communication forms in Privredna banka Zagreb. 


  • Internal Communication Brochure is a combination of the theory of communication and the specifics of Bank's business and needs.

  • The brochure describes all forms and chanels of communication so all employees of the Bank can implement it in everyday interaction. 



  • Internal Communication Brochure was published in a circulation of 2.500 copies and included a disc with standardized written forms and telephone numbers of all the Bank's departments and subsidiaries.

  • In the Brochure, a letter of Bank's CEO was attached which emphasized the importance of Internal Communication Brochure for the Bank, it's reputation and future business. 


  • The brochure increased awareness of internal communication, unified oral and written forms of communication and attracted empoyees attention to the new and old communication channels in the Privredna banka Zagreb.