UNICEF started a National educational campaign "Each child needs a family" to stimulate and support fosterships for children and also to raise awareness of foster homes. UNICEF nad Podravka formed a partnership for a sub-campaign "Widening the circles of goodness". The purpose of the sub-campaign was a financial donation to principal campaign by means collected throught sale of a specially packaged product (bottled natural spring water).



  • To raise awarness of media and public on UNICEF's Educational campaign, goals of the campaign and UNICEF's partnership campaign with Podravka.
  • To communicate the goals and mechanisms of the aid in the framework of UNICEF’s long-term project “Each child needs a family” to the public. 
  • To create positive media interest in the aid. 
  • To motivate consumers into buying a specially packaged product which will contribute to the aid.
  • To achive maximum media coverage. 


  • Using a wide range of communication activities in order to effectively approach the media and public. 
  • Communicating the objectives to our target audience by usage of different media channels. 
  • Using all available PR tools in order to achieve the maximum hit rate amongst selected media


  •  Phase 1 - Two weeks prior to the aid launch

Press release about a promotional TV spot with campaign promoter Gibonni (popular singer-songwriter and UNICEF ambassador) for the purpose of inciting media interest.

  • Phase 2 - Aid Start: May 2nd, 2007

Press conference and promotional concert of Gibonni at Gavella Theatre in Zagreb. Speakers at press conference: Podravka and UNICEF representatives + Gibonni. Also present: Bojana Gregorić-Vejzović, actress, Robert Zuber, TV and radio anchor (grew up in foster home).                        
 Press kit and accreditation for concert.

  • Phase 3 - Promotional events

Five regional outdoor promotional events : five additional press releases to regional media
Attendance and appearance of Gibonni, Bojana Gregorić-Vejzović, Robert Zuber and Blanka Vlašić (world leading high-jumper/Studena celebrity spokesperson) on individual regional events.

  • Phase 4 - Donation

Final press conference: May 18th in Split
Communicating final financial results of the action and donation purposes (approx. 110.500 EUR)
Attended by Gibonni and Branka Vlašić

Final conference for the media - May 18th


  • 49 printed press articles, 25 web articles, 9 TV and 9 radio
  • Total advertising value  70.000 EUR