3 important marketing lesions to learn from Pornhub

One of the most popular search engines in the porn industry, for years now teaches us what good marketing is.


Writes: Ivana Ljubić


Pornhub, one of the most popular search engines in the porn industry, for years now teaches us how good marketing gets even porn brand in mainstream and in fantastic marketing space together with giants like Coca-Cola and McDonald’s.


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To Pornhub, everything is a story. Especially their year in the review, which is really just a collection of statistics and infographics (completely safe for the work environment) about the consumption of their content/pornography on their site.


The competition in the online porn market is huge, so taking first place in popularity is no small thing - especially with marketing restrictions in their space.


So how does a brand, which is strictly NSFW (not safe for work), appear in newspapers, share content on social networks, and whose online advertising materials are acceptable for viewing in the office? The recipe is pretty simple, at least it seems like that at first glance.


All it takes is a lot of clever techniques to integrate into society, content, digital PR and traditional marketing. And success is guaranteed. So at least Pornhub teaches us. Here`s how.


1. What is a brand, who is its target?


A good understanding of the brand, its market, and target is a fundamental step without which there is no further motion. Immediately after that, it is important to know the rules and technical capabilities of the content platform, especially when it comes to digital platforms, such as social networks. Different demographic groups across platforms dictate what, how, and how much content to create. Especially if the goal is to move some of it in a viral direction.


Well-designed content, authentic, witty and "out of the box" will not be (very) difficult to create and such will always be well received by its target. It sounds simple, but it`s not. However, without this step, there is no recognizable brand.


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2. Content marketing works


Content marketing adds value to all readers and users. It is necessary to devise how to create a steady flow of useful and interesting information and "turn" it into articles on the website, infographics, case studies, newsletters, and such so that altogether, it can potentially grow into an industrial titan.


There is no brand that’s not suitable for content marketing. That is why it is essential to create a user-friendly strategy. If there is good content around the brand that is relevant, thematically complemented, or successfully riding the wave of a new trend, it is also important to create a PR plan around it. No content is great without a great audience.


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3. Do something good (and be sure others hear about it)!


To create a positive public perception of a brand, it´s important to do something good. But "doing good" is easier said than done, because it also needs to be made clear that doing good is done out of a desire for good and not because some PR department said it had to be done.


Pornhub understands this very well and does a great job about it, and always tells a great story. For example, the slogans "Pornhub cares" and "Save the Boobs" were used to create breast cancer awareness while donating money to charities operating in the field. Even now, Pornhub decided to offer the Italians, in the places most affected by the Corona virus, a premium package of their services for free. This move became viral news that other movie and series platforms have decided to support and copy.


Of course, some brand will not be able to help 100 or more charities, but “doing good” may not always be about money. Just as an example, a local coffee shop can offer free coffee to the homeless, delivery service can help the elderly with free delivery and so on.


It is important to have an authentic brand story, so others will share it too.

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