Facebook advertising - how to get to your audience

Facebook advertising is not something that is fabricated from early on or just now ...

Facebook advertising is not something that is fabricated from early on or just now ... there are some rules that will need to be followed if you want thing to be done in a right way. 

Over 2 Billions members on Facebook and Instagram  that are actively making their effort to serve as much content at anyone and beyond. Monthly that number is around billion of active users. A Billion people online... what a target. 

Croatia is around 2,1 million reachable users and around million of them are on Instagram. Half of population are on Facebook and 1/4 on Instagram. Let's not fool ourselves all those accounts have E-mail for registration or phone number, so this still the main thing you can make direct contact with potential customers or users. 

What we will focus on is ads management thought business.facebook account because boost button just isn't enough. 

Basically first you need to decide what you want to accomplish with pouring money into endless pot. Who are people that you want to reach, where are they, how old they are, do they have interest in product or information that you are representing to them.


Available categories for everyone are: 

Brand awareness – allowing you to see if your ad is memorable, with asking back did they see or do they remember your ad 

Reach – the most favourite one among marketers, is what we call posting billboard or banner on news feed or stories, depending on posted content. It goes on both platforms.

Traffic – this is a place if you want to move users from any of platforms and place them in your own site, web shop, app... 

Engagement – reactions, comments, shares. For building and evolving your community on pages, this is one of the best tools to use.

App Installs and Video Views – self describing promotion options 

Lead Generation – using already existing e-mail base for promotion 

Last section in ads manager is related to sales, this section is for all e-commerce enthusiast that would like to generate more sales through social media.

What kind of ad can you create?

Depending on what you want to promote or what material you have, but there are basicly 3 content models that are represented: link, picture and video. 

Where they are placed:

Practically anywhere on Facebook and outside of it where there is support for that kind of ads in media and of course Instagram. Popular as always are stories and videos.  


What do you need for make this things happen? 

Credit card or agency.