Authenticity in influencers marketing - the next big buzzword?

Increase of influencers and their followers on social networks, the question is valued content or quick and easy money.

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Breakfast with a view of the Eiffel Tower today, shopping in London in the afternoon, and a crazy ride on Hvar at night? Among them, the unavoidable selfie in the elevator, holding packed bags of expensive clothing and on the plane, looking at the blue expanse. Sounds unbelievable? More as the average Instagram influencer profile with a very large number of followers. Almost all the funds are allowed in the global social impact race, even renting an aircraft that will not go anywhere but will be used for photo-shooting or the use of other photographs and their photoshooting until they are unrecognizable before the release.


If the question mark appears over your head, you are not the only one. The issue of authenticity of influencers in marketing will be put in the focus of DIABLOG, the first Croatian blogger and blogger conference, to be held this autumn for the third year in a row.



Trust as a key to success

Almost all social networks show real life more interesting by sharing only selected moments and perfect photos. Knowing how happy and fulfilled life don't only make the perfect selfie in front of the mirror, Instagram Stories with travel and flatlay with coffee, make up and bouquet of flowers, social network users increasingly plunge beneath the surface. Imagine how you started to follow an influencer on social networks, for example, sharing love with books as you do, and then with each announcement of that person, a cup of coffee from different manufacturers begins to appear, indicating that it's a sponsored announcement. From a constructive exchange of thoughts about the plot of trilogy that has been proclaimed as a hit of the summer, up to branded cups in the foreground. Probably that influencer will not seem so interesting anymore. 

There are countless examples of where influencers somehow "get out of the way" and bring their credibility into question. Tomorrow it may be a favorite food blogger who suddenly said that this is the best chocolate for cooking or beauty blogger from which you can no longer discern what eye makeup is ultimately the most effective.

Along with the tools that enable rapid growth of social network followers, comment-generating bots, and various short-term collaborations that affect the influence of these influencers, the problem of their credibility and content authenticity is getting bigger. Experience shows how the number of followers on social networks is growing, so confidence decreases.


How to know if an influencer is authentic?

As one of the biggest challenges, communication experts point out just the choice of influencers. Among the criteria that need to be met, authenticity is at the very top, right next to the values that the brand and the influencer have to have in common. Although large figures act tempting, it is necessary to analyze the influence of influencers in detail. Statistics that show inflow and outflow of fans, how long video content or a blog post influencer is to read is the first step. Some of the things to pay attention to is how often the influencer announces the sponsored content and whether the messages and content are too sales-oriented. It is also important how influencer communicates with his audience, whether he comments on his comments and reactions, and whether he is involved in creating content. Last but not least, it's important to check whether the affected content influencer is related to a competing brand.


Is the responsibility only on the influencers?

When it comes to the authenticity of marketing influencers, on the one hand, responsibility lies with influencers who create content and gather the audience around, and on the other, brands that choose to collaborate. For a successful co-operation, it is necessary to provide a good brief and enough space for influencer to be creative and who knows best their followers to create quality content that will reflect their values ​​and attitudes while at the same time satisfying the public's taste. Conditional messages and the way influencer announces content is not a good way to mutual satisfaction and successful results. Among other things, in the research carried out under the second edition of the DIABLOG conference, Croatian bloggers said they wanted more respect for the blogging profession and opened up to new co-operations and new ideas.

Just mutual respect and understanding, sharing information and trust will help the influencers, and then the brands retain their authenticity. Let's not forget, in communication on social networks, the reputation of both parties equally relies on credibility and authenticity.