Blanka in BOOST sneakers with energy capsules

adidas Croatia introduced a revolutionary Energy BOOSTTM technology that pushes the limits of running.


Energy BOOSTTM sneakers contain sole energy capsules in it's sole, which provide a higher return of energy than any conventional materials so far, for a sense of "endless energy" in running. Energy BOOSTTM combines so far incompatible characteristics - maximum cushioning and comfort, and is more resistant than all the materials in the soles of running shoes.


In Croatia, adidas chose Blanka Vlašić for testing Energy BOOSTTM sneakers and in the test team are also multiple national champion in long-distance running Matea Matošević, footballer Andrej Kramarić and Ph.D. Mario Kasović from the Faculty of Kinesiology in Zagreb, who conducted tests on Energy BOOSTTM sneakers in a biomechanical laboratory.

Revolutionary Energy BOOSTTM material was produced by a leading chemical company, BASF, from energy capsules that return energy from the surface more strongly than other materials and combine, so far, incompatible characteristics of running shoes - cushioning and stability on the one hand and convenience on the other.