launched First time campaign in Croatia

"First time" is a global campaign launched by that gave insight on first time travel experiences, whether that experience was travelling abroad, embracing a new destination or traveling solo.


Croatian campaign was launched using press releases and collaborating with influencers Ella Dvornik and Mija Dropuljić that are famous for their love for travel and adventurous spirit.  During the campaign Ella visited Finland for the first time and Mija had an amazing weekend in glamping resort Bled.


Booking case "First time"


The agency had a task to use the information gained from's global research, to promote as a platform with the largest offer of unique and most incredible places to stay, to position as a service provider that helps first time travelers with their new experience, to generate over 20 positive releases in media and a minimum of five posts on influencers social networks as well as track and measure the results of the campaign.


We launched 3 press releases that were based on the global research emphasing local information, made a detailed first time travel plan for influencers including the planned frequency of posts on social networks and influencer blogs. We also defined special hashtags that were used for the campaign.


Booking case "First time" 2


Our results included 33 published articles in leading national, business and lifestyle media that had a reach of 7.983.279 and 35 posts on social networks that resulted in 33.329 interactions. This campaign also resulted with two blogs about the first time travel experiences on "I am Ella" blog.