Croatian companies are not ready for international level

Bruxelles/Zagreb, June 27. - Today published the results of the most extensive European research in the field of public relations - "European Communication Monitor", which was conducted EUPRERA (European Public Relations Education and Research Association) and EACD (European Association of Communication Directors (EACD), with the support of Ketchum, one of the leading global communications organization

Brand new results of the largest international study among European communication professionalscovering 43 countries. Red-hot results of the largest international survey of communication professionals suggest that communicating internationally will become much more important within the next three years.

With this agree and Croatian experts (75.9%), although only 46.6% of them believe that the companies they work have a quality structures and strategies for communicating on an international level.

“Given the high degree of integration of European economies, companies without a proper international communications strategy are putting their business at risk,” said Professor Ansgar Zerfass, lead researcher of the international research team.

Another finding of the study points to the fact that, for the first time since five years, the perceived importance of social media tools (Twitter, Facebook, etcetera) is not growing anymore, although still a very high percentage of respondents (73%) believes that social online communities an important segment of company communications.

"It is interesting to note that, according to the research, long-term communication is becoming increasingly important for European companies, although the position of communications experts is improved, and the budget for communication is reduced. It is unnatural and unsustainable trends that will, hopefully, soon to change . "said Marina Čulić Fischer, director of the Ketchum exclusive representative for Croatia, Dialog komunikacije PR agency.


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