"Building a brand, image and reputation is a long term process"

Our director Marina for Journal.hr spoke about the development of influencers marketing and the current state in the world of marketing.

Marina Journal Za Web




Although most brands are still in the experimental phase of co-operation with influencers, growth in investments in influencers marketing has been noted. Can you give us more details about this phenomenon because, in general terms, does it sometimes seem risky?


The old saying reads: Out of the total budget invested in marketing, it is certain that you have thrown half of the money into the wind, just not certain which half. Building brand, image and reputation is a long-term process, and marketing values fall into the category of intangible. On the one hand, significant advances in measuring marketing effectiveness have been made over the last 100 years, but on the other, especially with the emergence of digital marketing and the development of new communication channels, there is an increasing need for experimentation and making bold decisions, because how will you know the effectiveness of some tool if you have never used it before and you do not have a starting point for evaluation, so-called Benchmark? Some research shows that every dollar invested in influencer marketing has a minimum 6 dollar refund, so we cannot claim that this discipline is risky, though it is a relatively new tool. Of course, the way in which communication is formed is decisive in achieving (or not achieving) the set goals.


Instagram is the top platform for influencers, followed by Facebook by the number of users, but influencers almost are turning only to Instagram – why is that so?


In Croatia and in the world, according to the number of users, the biggest platform in Facebook, although Instagram has recorded the largest increase in users in the last couple of years. And our and world data shows that people are a bit tired of Facebook, and Instagram is the newer option, so it’s more interesting.


How many blogger are actually profitable as a communication channel?


All that can bring a high return on investment is profitable. Bloggers are extremely important as authentic creators of content, and authenticity is now days indispensable and can make a difference between the success or failure of a campaign. We will talk about this at the third conference on bloggers and blogger community DIABLOG, which will take place in Zagreb on November 21st.


How do you see PR future? In which direction (or directions) do you think it will evolve?


Public relations have changed a lot since the digital revolution began, more than in the past hundred years. Nevertheless, basic vocational postulates are still valid today and I think nothing can replace quality relationships, trust, respect for interlocutors, and two-way communication. PR experts, in the future, will be less dependent on media as intermediaries in communication between organizations and target audiences, and will increasingly have to engage in dialogues with their audiences, which will give them greater power, but also greater responsibility. Communication dramatically accelerates and multiplies. We live in a very dynamic environment and this dynamic will be even more accelerated in the future.


Which trends would you identify as relevant and as those that will survive and develop further into influencers marketing?


Authenticity, authenticity and authenticity. Development of specialists, innovation in formats, and the emergence of social media influencers in the offline world and on other channels, such as television. It will be very interesting to all of us.


Is there any difference between influencers in marketing between influencers of athletes, music stars, politicians..?


Some influencers marketing experts claim that influencers are only the original creators of content on digital channels, so influenced by this logic are not music stars, neither athletes nor politicians. My opinion is that the impact should still be seen in a wider context and we cannot claim that for example, President Grabar Kitarović, football player Luka Modrić or singer Severina have no influence on social media. Of course, collaborating with them can be accessed in different way than, for example, a blogger or Youtuber, and if we know that content congestion is the only correct way to reach your goals or to win it to your audience, then your communication strategies must also be customized to the people you work with. Influence marketing today has become a complex discipline and the best advice that can be provided is to seek advice from experts in the field.