Come back of the 90's icon

Born in the 90's Berlin, adidas EQT is coming back in 2017 with a totaly new design redefining the fusion of lifestyle and sports sneaker.



With the new redesign and using trendy communication adidas is redirecting towards the new generation of consumers - Z generation. People born in the period between 90's and early 2000's are a globaly connected, social, vizual and tecnology aware generation. They are the most connected, informed and sofiscticated generation brands have ever encounterd by now. The most important thing of all is that they are brand influencers and leading trendsetters of their culture. In Croatia 453K consumers belong in the Z generation.


Agency had a task to come up with a holistic campaign with a goal to present the new adidas EQT sneakers model to the broad public and also Z generation so that it will secure press releases and posts on social networks.


First phase of the campaign included a press trip to Berlin of the chief editor on a global launch event for NMD. Thanks to this cooperation we have secured 2 publications on the portal, 8 posts on portals social networks and posts on private social networks of the chief editor. After the launch event we have launched an official press release on the new EQT model  that  resolved with 14 hits in the media.


Second phase of the campaign included indentifying influencers among Z generation where we picked 6 young and creative people, trendsetters for their generation in Croatia.  Cooperation included social media campaign with a task for influencers to present new EQT with their authentic photo. This resulted with 32 posts on influencers social networks, with a reach of 170K users in the target group and the photos with over 10 000 likes.