Is meme the "strongest" format?

With the spread of social networks, especially Facebook, memes are experiencing their big boom

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We find meme content in every "corner" of social networks, but whether we really see it or it's already "passing under the radar" is another question.


In recent years, meme content has ruled social networks. Many use meme content to express their opinions and views, while some publish it just for fun. As a rule, myths are created in this first group regarding the impressiveness of their content, and is that really so?


What exactly is a meme?

Meme was originally conceived in the '70s as a format of content that spread and developed ideas, and in the' 90s, with the advent of the Internet, it developed in the form we know today.


Meme content usually exists in the form of an image, and later developed in the form of animation or gifs.


With the spread of social networks, especially Facebook, memes are experiencing their great boom, and with the development of applications for direct communication, memes are gaining even more momentum.


What is banner blidness?

What happens next is known in marketing as "banner blidness", ie the meme is oversaturated with content and the audience no longer experiences the meme in the way it used to. Namely, in all this pile of memes of content, the original meme (which previously had a greater influence on the recipient of the message) is today too quickly replaced by another, and  by another and so on in a circle. And that leads to problems, or questions - who even sees your original meme and how original it must be?


And what about copyright?

It would be best if we all had a little lawyer somewhere in our pocket who could always answer some legal questions and always with the current codes. And if he could do it with a simple "you can" or "you can't" (because we all know how fun and short read legal terms are).


Therefore, the matter becomes quite complicated when you realize that everything on the Internet has its "owner", ie author. If you want to refer to a movie / series / product / current situation /… - you must know that there is something called copyright (a word especially known to those who do not know what copywriting is).


So how do you make an original meme that will be spread on the internet and also with branded elements, so that it can be sold to a client? Difficult, but not impossible. All you need is a good idea and a designer, who will draw (or download / buy from some stock) elements that will then be "original". And will your meme "come to life" and how will the audience accept it? Let us know.