DialogMythbuster: SEO or copywriting?

Copywriting and SEO may be two different disciplines, but they have a common ground.

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How many times have you heard: Content is king! Or a queen. Or something similar? The point is always the same - content is the most important segment of any business. Even though the content has existed since the first prehistoric man left a mark on the rock, the moment we named it - its powerful era begins. Especially in the digital sphere.


Content marketing has changed the way we reach new customers, engage them, and turn them into potential customers/clients. They say there are two branches of content marketing that are key to any business: copywriting and / or SEO. But can I do without each other or is one still "stronger" than the other and can function independently?


So let's dive in from the beginning.


Copywriting is defined as a strategic way of creating content that aims to build brand awareness and ultimately encourage consumers to take a certain action. It is for this reason that it is also called persuasive writing. Copywriting can cover many different projects, it can be of different shapes/formats, depending on the company and the product.


On the other hand, SEO writing is a type of writing where the focus is on creating content that is tailored to search engines and users/readers. There are various techniques that we can use in SEO writing, ie create content, and it is important to follow certain rules, monitor search engine algorithms, and their changes.


In copywriting, before writing, we research the product, the behavior of potential customers, we look for angles that are not already "chewed up", we try to make the topic interesting. In SEO writing, we research the keywords that users use when searching, we explore the places where content related to certain keywords appears in search engines…


Copywriting and SEO may be two different disciplines, but they have a common ground. Apart from the fact that both techniques require serious writing skills, they also have one common goal - to attract, engage, and turn readers into potential clients.


So which of the two is more important?


The answer is both. One is more important than the other depending on what you are working on, just as it is not the same if you are working, for example, on a brand campaign or creating a new website.


Use both techniques where and how much they are needed.

Like a bike, if you are missing one wheel, you will not get very far.