Measuring ROI and KPI's of collaborations with influencers

Clients want to understand how using bloggers and influencers is helping to shift the needle with their key audiences.

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It is not questionable that we are living in the era of bloggers and influencers marketing where more and more brands are collaborating with them in campaigns. But how to measure success of those collaborations and overall ROI and KPI’s achieved and what kind of impact those campaigns have on general public opinion for brands, these are the questions still to be answered. Some of the questions will be discussed on DIABLOG conference on 14th of November 2017 in Zagreb, hotel Academia.


Main guest speaker on the conference is Erin Salisbury, digital research and analytics professional from Ketchum, London. We asked her to share some insights about measurement of bloggers and influencers campaigns and what can guests expect from her lecture on DIABLOG.


What is the most important thing you advise your clients on measurement of campaigns with bloggers and influencers?


Erin Salisbury: When evaluating communications campaigns, we need to ensure we are using metrics that tie back to the organization’s overall business and communications goals. In order to prove the value of the work we do through bloggers and influencers, we need to make sure we are communicating our successes in the language business leaders and decision makers understand. While we can’t always directly attribute our activity to hard metrics like sales figures, we can show how our programmes have contributed to larger scale objectives such as brand building, reputation change, increase in awareness, or audience education.


Do you see increase in requests for measurement of this specific type of campaigns in recent years?


Erin Salisbury: Definitely yes. Much like with other communication tactics, business leaders want to understand how using bloggers and influencers as part of the integrated communication strategy is helping to shift the needle with their key audiences.


What are the biggest challenges when it comes to measurement of bloggers and influencers campaigns?


Erin Salisbury: It can sometimes be difficult to receive true success metrics from the back end analytics of bloggers and influencers, particularly if it’s not something that’s been requested or discussed when negotiating influencer contracts ahead of the campaign. For those of us trying to understand how effective our influencer content has been in reaching and engaging our key audiences, we need to have a collaborative relationship with influencers from the beginning. This can also ultimately lead to a better, long-term working relationship between influencers and brands.


What is the difference between measuring bloggers and influencers campaigns and other types of campaigns?


Erin Salisbury: Ultimately, there isn’t much difference between measuring a campaign that includes bloggers/influencers and one that does not. The evaluation of any comms activity, including with bloggers and influencers, should generally sit within a framework that follows the consumer journey from awareness through to advocacy. This can range from output metrics, such as reach, engagement and community growth, through to outcome metrics and business results such as key message association, sentiment or purchase intent.

This is something I will definitely cover in my speech at DIABLOG, with some nice visuals to match!


What are the key measurement factors when measuring bloggers and influencers campaigns?


Erin Salisbury: The actual metrics utilised to evaluate campaigns are dependent on the overall programme objectives. If we are using influencers to help our brand become loved by a specific audience, we want to measure audience perception and sentiment change. On the other hand, if we want to increase audience awareness or engagement, we would use metrics such as engagement rate, share of voice, or click-thru rate.


Could you name one or more campaigns that you are currently working on?


Erin Salisbury: At the moment, several of our clients are using influencers to drive brand reputation, product awareness and education, including Philips and IBM.


What would be a yearly measurement budget for a big international client when it comes to bloggers/influencers campaigns?


Erin Salisbury: Measurement budgets are completely scalable, and vary depending on the number of markets, timeframe, influencers, and the frequency and level of reporting. We work with clients that invest heavily in measurement and evaluation of influencer campaigns, while others take a more modest, basic approach.


What is the basic frame of the lecture you will be giving in Zagreb, at DIABLOG conference?


Erin Salisbury: At DIABLOG, I will be speaking about how data can be used to drive more successful influencer and blogger programming, highlighting some of the industry’s current challenges and opportunities