Great examples of COVID-19 brand communication

What happens when the whole world is surrounded by the pandemic?

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Writes: Ivana Ljubić


Crises are known to filter out the best (creative) communication professionals, or at least the cases we like to track. In an article on healthy competition, we talked about how great one-on-one brand creative communication can be. But what happens when the whole world is surrounded by a pandemic?


You already read hundreds of articles advising how you should communicate during the current COVID-19 crisis. Most often is advised not to ignore the situation we all find ourselves in and not to stop communicating with our users. But also, in all communications, we should follow Stožer's instructions: there is no socializing, no family gatherings, no going out, no concerts, no hanging in groups, no shopping, no coffee in your favorite cafe, no…


So, what can we do? Fortunately, we have electricity and the internet.


It's very legit to ask: "But how do you communicate with users when all online channels are cluttered with the same topic?". It's also very legit to think "As if we already don't have enough problems with authentic and interesting content that has to be attractive to users, who don't have any concentration and are just madly scrolling through feeds...".


That's why we've prepared some inspiring, great examples of brand communication during the COVID-19 crisis. If some of them were able to stand out of, you can too. Some brands have adapted quickly and relied on their (or opened) online distribution and delivery channels for their products, but some have also successfully adapted to online communication.


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What do we do when we are home and bored? Most often we eat…


Cooking is proved to be the best distraction in these "difficult times". Well, even though we are all in isolation, influencers are still doing a great job and excellent brands are still investing in their promotion through their and their own channels.


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All those who thought they could just skip the training and relax - tough luck, you can train at home!


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Alcohol has many restrictions on communication and promotion, but this situation, which is completely new to everyone, does not seem to bother them at all.





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The best place to promote a brand is where its target is. Sounds like Alan Ford's philosophy. But then, why do some brands continue to shy away from exploring new platforms? A long time ago we learned that communication should not be solely a one-way product/brand story. And with that, if a brand subtly engages in the everyday life of its target, where they actually are and shows that there are "real people" behind that logo/building/company, then that brand becomes so much more than just "some online site" or "the ad that follows them."


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Some more creative brand communications.


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