How do comments contribute to brands?

Our Nataša has answered on few questions for Lider and explained how comments on all digital channels increase brand's visibility.

Lider clanak Natasa 2.7.2018.




How does comments on pages and social media affect on pumping ranking on search engine?


Bigger the engagement, bigger the number of people who sees the content which increases the possibility of clicks and content review. If users get interested in some product or service on social media such as Instagram, where you can’t put links on web pages, it’s to be expected to bigger number of searches on search engines. Also, role of social media in generation traffic on web pages is extremely high, and the key to success is in long term approach and quality material which will be recognized from users.


In what measure comments of potential users of some product/service affect on our decision to buy something?


Social media is a place where we primary interact with friends and acquaintances virtually, and 80% of people would rather buy a product because of their recommendation. It’s normal that we have bigger trust in brands which are more present on social media, where other users interact with people and brand itself by liking, commenting, sharing content( particularly their own) and if brand responses to it professionally, especially if comments were bad. By some research, more then 70% customers before buying something goes on social media to check comments and reviews.


Is it possible to affect on comments and how?


It’s really important to “overhear pulse” of community and step by step direct our communicating with them through quality content materials.

Good practise includes mothering of good relationship with loyal fans, and smart brands can create ambassadors from those most active on social media. Their role is key in lunching a new product because than they can react on social media with their foreknowledge. Also, if comments are mainly bad, they can direct them in good direction.

Also, by using influencers we can also direct communication in positive direction.


Are comments written to increase rating and advertising product or service?­­


On social networks where an extremely large number of users are present on a daily basis, commenting on different content from a personal perspective, there is certainly some motivation for a targeted comment on products and services, in a positive context to create a better picture of them, and a negative one to say, in worse light. People behind these comments are probably not thinking much about the ethics of their actions, and consumers at the end of the day are left to bring their own judgment on the authenticity of someone's comments on social networks, as well as when deciding on buying a product or service, taking more sources of information.