HUHIV campaign "Learn, Apply, Share"

Activation of the "Learn, Apply, Share" campaign was conducted in Croatia to help young people learn about sexual responsibility.

HUHIV Capture


Encouraged by the fact that young people today do not have enough knowledge of sexual health protection, are prone to risky behaviors and experimentation, and that they go into sexual relations without protection, the HUHIV Association in partnership with the HZJZ since 2016, ahead of the World Aids Day conducts a campaign , Learn, apply, share.


The focus of the campaign was the mobile "Sexual Health" application that sought to encourage young people to report on responsible sexual behavior.


In accordance with the target groups' affinities, we defined a strategy based on the use of various communication tools on channels close to the target group to bring them closer and encourage education and information on the importance of sexual health.


Apart from communicating on our own channels of the HUHIV Association and by placing interviews and press releases in traditional media, we included Elemental, Kawasaki 3P, Brkove, Otrovnu Kristinu (bands from the Positive Concert) and persons from public life who are influential on social networks like Nevena Rendeli, Ide Prester, Petre Nižetić, Ljupke Tanevske and Rite Rumore who animated followers on their social networks to download the application.


The results were excellent and the young people downloaded the application 1,396 times. On Facebook, the engagement was 50.040 (likes, comments, shares), and this wonderful story was uploaded 54 times in online and print media, and had six articles on radio and television.


The entire campaign and promotion of sex health directly influenced the responses of young people to Sexual Counseling and CheckPoint center Zagreb with the ability to quickly test, educate and evaluate risk. In November, 183 individual consultations, 109 HIV testing and 77 hepatitis C tests were performed and 2 new HIV infections were detected.