Innovations determin the future

The ability to successfully solve problems in times of crisis directly depends on the introduction of new products and services!

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Writes: Marina Čulić Fischer


While the title of this text may seem self-explanatory, it’s not bad to recall that according to McKinsey as many as 84% ​​of company executives believe their business success depends on innovations. To this, in a “new normal” situation, it is important to add that the ability to successfully solve problems in times of crisis directly depends on the introduction of new products and services that emerge from innovative thinking and solutions.


For us in Dialog, innovation has always been one of the basic driving forces. In the last few years, we have launched successful projects such as DIABLOG, the only Croatian conference about bloggers and influencers, or an internal educational platform we call Dialog Academy, but we have never been as innovative as in times of the corona crisis.


The new situation has thrown us off the usual rails and it was obviously an extra push for us to go beyond the framework of previous thinking and further launch our creative ideas. When designing new initiatives, we made sure that they were useful not only to us and our clients, but also to the wider professional community.


Four new products in four corona-weeks


First we  launched #StartDialog, a series of online panel discussions in which we bring together the media, advertisers, communication experts and agencies and discuss changes in the communications industry. At one of these discussions, the President of HUOJ, Ana Tkalac Verčič, uttered the well-known mantra "Whoever does not adapt, will not survive". Also, we have designed four more new products in the last month:


1. #DialogKnows - research that we will conduct on current business topics on the subscribers  database of our monthly newsletter and publish it on all our channels,


2. #DialogVoxPopuli - mini-Instagram surveys related to content, formats and behavior change on social networks, which we will conduct on a weekly basis and summarize in conclusions each month,


3. #DialogMythBuster - content in which we will challenge some myths, such as that the "video content passes better than static visuals" and draw specific conclusions based on our own experiences and


4. #DialogTips & Tricks - in which we will test novelties on online platforms and share experiences with all interested parties.


And you, how did you adjust to the "new normal"? #ShowMustGoOn