Investments in communications are not reduced!

First research on the changes in Croatian communications industry in the midst of the corona virus pandemic - the results may surprise you.

Writes: Viktorija Štukar

Dialog Communications launched a series of researches #DialogKnows and its results should help all the actors in the communications industry to find their feet in the "new normal" in a more eased way and to adjust themselves to the changes which are ahead of us.


The first research was carried out in July and it covered the impact of the corona virus crisis on the communication of the companies, investments in communications and on relations with the interested public. 70 examinees had taken part in the research, and here are the results:

1. The impact of the pandemic on the communication of the companies

As expected corona virus pandemic impacted the majority of companies. That being said, it had a significant impact on 44,3% of the companies, while on 42,9% in a lesser manner. Only 12,9% companies still haven't felt an impact on its business. When it comes to the companies which felt an impact, most of them (61,5%) had felt it in direct communication with the consumers. 24,3 % has felt it in the internal communication and 14,3% has felt it in the communication with the media.

In the majority of companies (55,7%) changes had led to significant changes in conducting business, while the third of companies (28,6%) are still in a phase of preparing an adequate response to the crisis.





2. Impact of the pandemic on the investments in communication


Regardless of the corona virus crisis impact and the significant changes in the way in which companies operate and conduct their business, it's interesting to see that the majority of examinees (50%) still invests the same amount of funds in their communication budgets. Approximately the same number of companies invests more (25,7%), or less (24,3%). Those who invest less have mostly reduced their communication investments for 10 to 30% (69,6% of examinees), which means that the investment fluctuation is almost identical to the examinees which increased their budget in the same ratio (73,7%). Quarter of the examinees increased their investments for 30 to 50%. Examinees said that they increased their budgets mostly for social networks (47,5%), followed by the increase in the budget intended for direct communication with the consumers (37,3%). Moreover, online is winning the battle against TV when it comes to investing - 64,5% examinees invests more in digital communication, a 30,6% of them in TV. When it comes to segments which are invested in the least are BTL activities (46,3%), PR (27,8%) and ATL (25,9%).



3. Impact of the pandemic on public relations


Similarly to the pre-crisis time, Croatian companies mostly publicly place the news on new products (61,4&), followed by the news on changes in company management (18,6%) and news related to social responsibility  (17,1%).  When it comes to internal communication, the biggest accent is expectedly on the safety of the employees (44,3%), followed by the transformation of business (27,1%) and teams efficiency (25,7%). Most of the examinees are partially (58,6%) or very (30%) satisfied with the way in which their business partners (publishers/agencies/media) adapted to the new and changed situation. When it comes to the negatives, examinees emphasize the lack of creativity (38,1%), lack of agility (31%) and lack of flexibility (21,4%).