Ketchum and Dialog celebrate 90 years of leadership

Ketchum and Dialog celebrate 90 years of leadership in communication, organizing ninety support projects with ninety non-profit organizations around the world.

One of the largest communication companies in the worldKetchum, was founded back in 1923 in the U.S. city of PittsburghTo mark the ninetieth anniversary of existenceabout three thousand employees of agencies that operate within the Ketchum networkwill celebrate the big anniversary by a great number of philanthropic initiatives including organizing ninety support projects with ninety non-profit organizations around the world, for a period of ninety days. Dialog CommunicationsKetchum’s exclusive representative for Croatia, will support the Association for the promotion of quality education for young people with disabilities, Zamisli. 

"Dialog Communication agency always gladly responds to charitable initiatives, so we are excited to be a part od this laudable project which will celebrate ninety years of existence of our big brother. With our communication tools and advices we are happy to help the Udruga Zamisli Association in its daily efforts to provide the quality and decent education for people with disabilities." – said Marina Čulić Fischer, director of the Ketchum exclusive representative for Croatia, Dialog komunikacije PR agency.