Young men are becoming more and more traditional

Ketchum 'Language of Men' study shows that young men today think differently than previous generations.

One of the world's leading agency for public relations, Ketchum and maslansky + partners, a research-driven language strategy firm, conducted a study ''Language of Men'' which revealed that young men today think differently than previous generations. They are turning more to traditional values and they are more likely to express their beliefs and emotions.


The survey polled 900 U.S. males age 18 to 49 on how they talk about relationships, sex, health, appearance, careers and their communication with their friends. Compared to older group of men (26-49) younger group of men (18-25) are:

  • More likely to believe men are still expected to be provider and protector (23 percent versus 15 percent)
  • More likely to say it matters that men are the breadwinners in a marriage (40 percent versus 33 percent)
  • More likely to think the “strong, silent” stereotype still applies to them (28 percent versus 24 percent)
  • Less likely to think it’s OK to be vulnerable about their looks with friends (67 percent versus 74 percent)


As well, the great majority of young men (85%) has no problem to talk about personal matters with a male friend, they are ready to share their feelings about a breakup with a male friend (72%) and it doesn’t make them uncomfortable if a male friend is emotional in front of them (68%). Even half of them is ready to share advice about cosmetic products.


Marina Čulić Fischer, director of the Ketchum exclusive representative for Croatia, Dialog komunikacije PR agency said: ''It's interesting for us, the marketing communication specialists, to see how today's young men are complex - on one side they turn to traditional values and stereotypes, and on the other hand they are ready to openly show their feelings and beliefs. That is a mix we haven't had before and the starting point for a new rethinking on approaches to this important target group.''