'Lobbying is one of the best business decisions'

Bruno Jelić, public affairs specialist in Dialog komunikacije, in Lider's special edition about public relations, spoke about lobbying market in Croatia.

Lobbying is a representation of someones interests and attempt to influence decisions made by the government or the lower-level institutions in order to achieve an economic or political goal. Croatian companies are not sufficiently aware of the importance of lobbying to promote their interests, and in Croatia there is no law about lobbying neither a register of lobbyists.


''Lobbying is one of the best business investments and decisions that a company can make. It is only the top of the relations with the public sector, which should be a permanent and well-kept as any other relationships with the public.


Unlike other related communication activities, lobbying has an extremely high return on investment because it helps companies in making favorable regulations and laws that directly affect their business'' said Bruno Jelic, public affairs specialist in Dialog komunikacije.


You can read the entire text HERE.