Big comeback of guerrilla campaigns in PR

Marina Culic Fischer, Managing Partner at Dialog komunikacije, in special Weekend Media Festival 2015 issue of magazine Lider talks about innovations within the industry.

Using new communication platforms is almost as much valuable as good ideas are for successful advertising. Instagram is nowadays what used to be Facebook, and good writing that used to be enough, now has to be presented in more dimensions - through TVC's or short movies. Nevertheless, great story still makes advertising successful, but in order to do so - it must be innovative. In this case, innovation means quality production with the lowest possible expenses, and that's the field where social media serves best. 

Marina Culic Fischer, Managing Partner at Dialog komunikacije, claims that results depend on goals of every particular campaign, client and communication efforts.

Traditional media are not crucial

Facebook is ideal for sending fast and direct messages to consumers, while microsites serve best as main platform for short term campaigns.

Every campaign that is tailored a bit out of box is innovative. With all the assets media provide today, only the sky, and clients' budget is the limit!

People matter


Cooperation with bloggers and social media influencers has become crucial today but it also requires new and creative ideas. Good example is our adidas Instagram campaign that was adapted from global "Pass the creativity forward" contest that was created for Superstar Supershell launch campaign. We chose three local ambassadors (creative social media influencers) that had to spread creativity on their Instagram profiles by nominating three people they believe are the most creative. 

 That campaign, as well as other "out of the box" campaigns for our clients from severely different sectors - Beiersdorf, European Commision and Wrigley, were huge success and we'll certainly strive to go a step further in our future innovative projects.


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Source: Lider, journalist Kata Pranic