The rules of proaction

Marina Čulić Fischer, Managing Partner in Dialog komunikacije, in Lider's special edition about public relations, spoke about new trends in the PR industry.


The PR industry is not only dealing with media relations but is also being greatly redefined: it's no longer a synonym for communication with all stakeholders, but an activity that integrates all marketing disciplines.


''Public relations experts are now engaged with the digital as well as digital agencies are engaged with the public relations or creativity, and creative agencies are dealing with creating digital content'', said Marina Čulić Fischer, Managing Partner in Dialog komunikacije.


She points out that an example for this is the new European Commission campaing for the promotion of consumer rights, which the BBDO group, whose member Dialog komunikacije is, launched on October 17th and that from the beginning of a communication idea to its implementation takes into account all forms of communication such as all types of channels, each constantly intertwine and complement one another, and create a single, strong and clear communication message.


You can read the entire text HERE.