Croatian bloggers research results

Zagreb, 10 November 2016. – Today on DIABLOG, the first Croatian conference about bloggers and blogging scene, the results were presented about the first rese-arch on Croatian blogging scene conducted by agency Dialog Communications. The research has shown that a majority of Croatian bloggers and their readers are women, most of bloggers have been writting their blog for the past two or three ye-ars, they continuously work with one brand and most of their collaboration includes certain type of compensation. As the biggest problem of their scene bloggers em-phasize unpaid collaborations, as top trend video blogs, and to brands they suggest personalized approch to bloggers.

The research was conducted in October this year on the sample of 203 bloggers with a goal to map the Croatian blogging scene, and it included four categories: socio-demographic data, blog information, collaboration with brands and bloggers attitudes and opinions. Socio-demographic data discovered that 91% bloggers are women, 56% of them are between 25 and 35 years and have a university degree (44%), mostly they live in Zagreb (41%)  and have a full-time job (43%) or part-time (20%).


Blog or online channel where they publish their content bloggers consider mostly as a hobby (80%) and 59% of them do not make any income from blogging. From bloggers that make income from their blogs, they mostly profit from paid campaigns and product reviews. Interestingly, up to 68% bloggers do not publish video content. They are present on most social media sites like Facebook (94%) and Instagram (82%) including YouTube (42%). The most of the content is published in Croatian language, while 30% of bloggers writes/publishes in English as well.


The most common blog categories are beauty (67%), fashion (29%), food (29%) and travelling (28%). Most bloggers haven't been in blogging business for long and overly they have been writting their blogs for two and three years, mostly they publish more than five posts on a monthly base (32%), and most of their readers/viewers are women (80%).

Regarding their collaboration with the brands, more than two-thirds of bloggers collaborate with brands – most bloggers (57%) are contacted by the brands themselves, while only 14% directly, proactively contacted the brands. Most bloggers continuously work with one brand, and most of that collaboration includes some type of compensation.


As top trends on blogging scene bloggers have singled out the video blog/vlog, a mix of content and social media. While bloggers recognized video format as a leading trend in communication most of them still hasn't started using it. As the biggest problems of blogging scene bloggers emphasize unpaid collaborations, underestimating bloggers and brands unwillingness' to corporate. In the research the bloggers pointed out how they want personalized approach, more paid collaboration and acknowledgement for their work.