My first 100 days at Dialog

Not a single day looks the same, and the to-do list sometimes changes from hour to hour!

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Writes: Hana Skerlev


During my studies, I often heard about dynamic agency life and rhythm, but also, how working at the agency is a great way to get real practical experience and knowledge about how it's really like to work in PR industry.


#Agencylife was always mentioned in the context of crazy and fast working rhythm, constant changes, short periods of time to do a task and in the context of different brands and industries. I didn't know how demanding or challenging that agency rhythm, about which people around me buzzed, can be, but I knew I was ready to find out!


I started working at Dialog in autumn and within the first few days, I began to understand how dynamic agency job can really be: working at the agency means that every day is different from the previous one, "to do" list and tasks will change every hour, and I soon realised that I will have  much less time than I thought for doing tasks like changing the text or translating press release, sometimes only 20 minutes. Working at the agency definitely implies maintaining composure, being responsible and having infinite creativity! Nevertheless, I've decided to challenge myself  and see how well and fast I can engage in such dynamic surrounding as is Dialog, and for now, it seems that I'm keeping up with it. :)


Creating a content calendar within 24 hours, organizing a corporate media event which includes a protocal I'm not familiar with, coming at the event location early in the morning to check and arrange spacing, writing a press release to announce  socialresponsibility campaign like the one for client HUHIV, contacting journalists who're always running and aren't at the office and finding a way that follow up really results in published article, are only some of the tasks I accomplished so far. After my second monthly clipping report, I finally realized how system of storing data in Excel categories works and managed to slowly memorize price lists of important media outlets. Although, by now I found myself in several situations which I would definitely describe as stressful, I can say that I've learned something new from each of them.


If somebody would ask me what do I think about working at PR agency, I would tell them that the agency, for sure, isn't a place for everyone because it will, sometimes, cause situations in which you'll be dreaming a tehnical scenario for the event or copies for content calendar you have to send the next day, however, after first 100 days at Dialog, I'm noticing that dynamic agency rhythm and everyday life which is everything but monotonous, motivates me, sometimes even demands that I challenge myself by working on tasks I have never done before, and that way, by stepping out of my comfort zone, I "grow".