NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto campaign "Digital Coffee"

Activation of the "Digital Coffee" campaign for the client Nestle was conducted in Croatia and Slovenia, and the key communication platform was Netokracija.

Collaboration with influencers - successful small and medium entrepreneurs from various fields of business (technology, digital, marketing), has been achieved through video interviews, posted on the Netokracija's pages and channels.


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In Croatia, influencers in the campaign were Nikola Stolnik, marketing manager of the largest Croatian video game producer Nanobit and Luka Sučić, head of the coworking space HUB385 in Zagreb. Slovenian influencers were Mak Kordić, founder and director of the digital agency Coffee N'Juice, and the creative duo Zulu Zion, whose names are Dijana and Miha Rolc, who have revived their idea of colorful socks that conquer the world.

The activation of the campaign took place via Netokracija's pages and channels, along with Facebook pages NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Croatia and Slovenia.


A total of 2 videos were posted on each market. Interviews with Croatian influencers was led by chief editor and founder of Netokracija, Ivan Brezak Brkan, while Ana Eterovic Klemenčič, editor of Netokracija Slovenia, spoke with Slovenian influencers. Apart from expert topics, the participants shared their caffeine preferences while enjoying their favorite NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto coffee.


Two articles were published for the Croatian and two more for the Slovenian market on Netokracija, in order to promote the episodes of Digital Coffee. As part of the campaign, there were additional two Facebook announcements on Facebook pages Netokracija and NDG for the Croatian market, and a total of three announcements for the Slovenian market.


The campaign had a total of 317 Facebook interactions and 9.280 video views in Croatia, while the interaction in Slovenia had 180 Facebook interactions, and 5.153 video views. Articles about Croatian influencers on Netokracija had 2,907 total and 1,994 individual views, while Slovenian influencers had 1,102 total and 1,030 individual views.