NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto campaign with influencers

"Drinking coffee with .." was a regional campaign for NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto in Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia, which was carried out through cooperation with lifestyle influencers from the region.

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The purpose of this campaign was to increase brand awareness by using new communication channels through which influential influencers published articles about coffee through the art of enjoying life. The idea of ​​collaborating with influencers was widening to the audience and bringing the experience of coffee closer to them.


To ensure the success of the campaign, we have chosen influencers who are also passionate coffee lovers. For Croatia we chose Tatjana Divjak, life & business coach,  in Serbia NLP coach Slavica Squire and in Slovenia radio show host Jana Morelj.


Influencers' interesting articles about coffee were published in leading online media in the region and on influencers personal websites and blogs. Their activities are all accompanied by NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia on Facebook pages.


The results of this regional campaign showed the success of the strategy and implementation of the project. The campaign resulted in 18 announcements in 12 leading online portals in the region had reach of 8.766.240 and 18,519 article views. On social networks, a total reach of 138,638 was achieved, which was accomplished through 10 Facebook posts. In addition to Facebook posts that achieved 2,029 reactions, one Instagram post was also published and it achieved 566 reactions.


Tatjana Divjak and Slavica Squire have posted 4 blog posts that have reached 7,695 article views.