NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto having coffee with influencers

Focus was on adapting influencer's content to different digital platforms, highlighting quality as a key message across various topics.

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NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto is among top brands for a number of years in the coffee capsule segment on Croatian, Serbian and Slovenian market. With the global rise in coffee prices, the increasing challenge in attracting new customers, new competitor entries and intensification of competition activities, there was a need to strengthen regional communication at the regional level in order to respond to market challenges. The primary goal was to increase the frequency of drinking NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto coffee and strengthening the image of NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Coffee.


Through the campaign "NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto on coffee with influencers" we targeted the existing and potential users of NDG coffee machine and capsules (Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia), in the lifestyle and business segment, primarily in the age of 25 to 35 and in secondary from 35 to 55 years. The strategy of the campaign relied on creating original content for digital communication channels close to the target group and collaboration with media and influencers as a tactic to reach new potential consumers. Focus was on adapting influencer's content to different digital platforms, highlighting quality as a key message across various topics potentially interesting to the target group (lifestyle, fitness, business, gastronomy).


Campaign was conducted through four phases, linked to four different areas, during which we collaborated with selected influencers relevant to the given area (topic) and / or influencing different social networks during each phase.


In activation "On Coffee With ..." we worked with lifestyle influencers who created inspirational texts about coffee through the art of enjoying life. The texts were used in some of the most popular Internet news portals in all counties and on influencer's blogs. On selected portals, readers could answer the prize question and win the NDG coffee machine. Activities were also included on NDG Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia Facebook pages and influencers' pages. In Croatia, we worked with Tatjana Divjak (life coach & motivation speaker), in Serbia with Slavica Squire (founder of the first NLP Institute and NLP Coach in Serbia) and in Slovenia with Jana Morelj (favorite television and radio host).


In the "Why I Drink Coffee" activation we worked with fitness influencers through three video tutorials on coffee benefits with physical activity before and after training and in general, for example, espresso before exercise as an energy booster. We worked in Croatia with Girly Fitness Girls, and in Serbia with Nadia FITT.


Third activation, "NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Digital Coffee", we conducted in cooperation with Netokracija through video interviews with successfull small / medium entrepreneurs from different fields of business (technology, digital, marketing) who are the authorities in their areas of work. Through themes relevant to the target group which follows Netokracija portal, original and authentic content has been created keeping with the trends of modern business. The content was published on  Netokracija Portal and Facebook pages in Croatia and Slovenia and on YouTube profile. In Croatia, we drank digital coffee with Nikola Stolnik (marketing manager of Nanobita) and Luka Sučić (co-working space manager HUB385), while in Slovenia Mak Kordić (founder and director of digital agency Coffee N'Juice) and creative duo Dijana and Miha Rolc (founders of Zulu Zion) joine us over a cup of NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto.


The fourth activation, "NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto sweet duo", we conducted in collaboration with gastro bloggers conneccting NDG coffee with delicious desserts through original recipes. We challenged bloggers to participate in the gastronomic duel in which they measured their strength and rewarded the most creative fans. First they announced on their channels the collaboration with the NDG brand and included fans in creating the recipe through the choice of one of the three key ingredients for dessert. They announced the preparation of the dessert, recipe and CONTEST/COMPETITION/GAME. According to the bloggers choice, the fans who created the best photo of replica of the original dessert won the NDG coffee machine. Based on the overall engagement, the winner who participated in the "stronger" blogger contest was awarded with an additional prize (a quarterly NDG coffee stock). "NDG sweet duo" influences with which we created the most delicious part of the campaign were Sanja Mijac (@ Domaćica) and Darko Kontin (@DarkovaWebKuharica) from Croatia, Maja Petrović (@VitkiGurman) and Nevena Cvijetić (@hlebilale) from Serbia and Ana Žontar @aninakuhinja) and Urška Fartelj (@ 220stopinjposevno) from Slovenia.


Through connecting NDG brand with different lifestyles and target groups areas of interest (lifestyle, business, fitness, gastronomy), taking into account TG's affinity to digital communication channels and selecting appropriate influencers that are authority in their area and / or highly influential on social networks and are able to create original content that will naturally fit into the their communication while educating existing and potential consumers about the quality of NDG Coffee, we gathered coffee lovers around the themes they can identify with and created original content through the new experience of enjoying their favorite beverage.


Results on campaign performance have showed how we through creating content with influencers, pointing out the message about coffee quality and communication outside our own channels on different digital communication platforms, reached new potential consumers (133k in Croatia, 125k in Serbia, 79k in Slovenia). Compared to 2016, the interaction grew on all three NDG Facebook pages (in Croatia by 177%, Slovenia by 185% and Serbia by 329%). Also, there has been a growing number of fans on brand's Facebook pages in all three countries. The total sales of NDG coffee machines on all three markets increased by 11%, while the sales of NDG coffee in the average for all three markets grew by 4%.


The campaign is the finalist for the Grand Prix for digital communication 2017, and a video case study can be viewed here.