NIVEA Black Micellair Campaign

The goal of the campaign was to prove to the targeted audience the powerful effect of NIVEA Black Micellair products.

Nivea Micellair event



The task of the agency was to devise and implement a campaign that will introduce the new line to key target groups (heavy make up users, beauty bloggers and of course media) using PR tools, digital channels, social networks, influencer marketing, local and global events.


The campaign's focus was on innovative Micellair technology, effectively removing long-lasting, waterproof, professional make-up without leaving traces. The campaign was divided into several phases and included cooperation with the beauty blogger Maša Zibar and make up artist Simona Antonović.


The first phase included a local event for bloggers where we presented the product through leisurely socializing with bloggers at Lela Design Studio at the NIVEA Flower Workshop. The guests enjoyed the pleasant atmosphere of flower crowns and the testing of NIVEA Black Micellair products.


The second phase of the campaign meant sending creative mail to media and bloggers along with a press kit that included NIVEA Black Micellair products for removing makeup and a hair band. Also, in the second phase of the campaign, the beauty blogger Maša Zibar published posts and video diaries, and make up artist Simona Antonović published blog posts where they tested the products and communicated key campaign messages.


The closing phase was marked by a global event in London where Croatia was represented by the famous beauty blogger Maša Zibar. The event was dedicated to the promotion of NIVEA Black Micellair products, and participants were beauty bloggers and make up artists from all over Europe.


More than 30 articles have been published in leading lifestyle and fashion media, 88 posts have been posted on social networks of bloggers and influencers, and 3 blog posts.