NIVEA Body Mousse campaign

When presenting NIVEA Body Mousse Body care as a task, we had an interesting way to present targeted audiences product innovations.

Nivea Mousse kampanja




The task of the agency was to devise and implement a campaign that will communicate key product messages and present them to a targeted audience (women 25+, media, bloggers / influencers). Of course, by using collaboration with beauty bloggers / influeners, PR tools, digital channels, social networks.


The focus of the campaign was on the unique texture of the product, its quick absorption, a care that lasts for up to 48 hours, and the impeccable feeling of softness on the skin that remains after application.


We have created a campaign that included three phases and included cooperation with beauty bloggers Maša Zibar and Matea Frajsberger and influencer Iva Čuljak through a teaser, a reveal and a leverage phase. In the first phase bloggers and influencers have been posting their Mousse product texture status on their Instagram profile. Reveal of the campaign phase meant sending creative mails to media and bloggers and a creative press kit that included a white box with NIVEA Body Mousse products, almonds, Matcha and white tea associated with product ingredients, a sugar wax reminding of its texture, and balloons in the form of number 48 which associated with the long-term hydration the product provides. Also, in the second stage, bloggers posted a post and a video diary in which they tested the products and highlighted the campaign's focus. In the final phase of the campaign, we organized a contest for social networking fans where bloggers shared NIVEA Body Mousse products and invited fans to try out the product.


A total of 34 articles were published in leading lifestyle and fashion media and a total of 43 posts were posted on social networks of bloggers and influencers.