NIVEA Hairmilk Natural Shine Campaign

Our assignment was to communicate key messages of products and introduce it to targeted audience (women aged 16+, media, bloggers and influencers).

Nivea Divine Case



Regarding the presentation of Nivea Hairmilk Natural Shine products for hair care which brought back the natural glow of the hair, fed it deep and hydrated it and also protected from heat and braking, we have introduced a new product in NIVEA selection and explained its application, using PR tools, creative press kit, digital channels and social networks.


In stage one of the campaign, beside the media announcement, we have also placed creative press kit for the media, which pointed on key benefits of NIVEA Hairmilk Natural Shine products that bring back the natural gloss on lifeless hair. Press kit contained products with led lights packed in brand box in the color of product with the “Get your sparkle on” message on it.


In stage two of the project in collaboration with beauty bloggers and influencers through social channels (Youtube and Instagram) in two communication flows, we have processed the theme of styling and hair care and showed their followers how to renew your hair and encourage its natural gloss with NIVEA Hairmik Natural Shine products.


Beauty blogger Maša Zibar (mashinthebeauty) has presented the product through video on her YouTube channel and Instagram post and showed her followers 3 hair styles which they will be able to make easily and she explained how NIVEA Hairmilk Natural Shine products help in hair care.


Influencer Dorin Lucija Blajzec (dorinlucissima) has also explained, through her Instagram posts  how she makes simple and pretty hairstyles, using  NIVEA Hairmilk Natural Shine products. 


Martina Mako ( and Adriana Đurđević (adrianadurdevic) explained on their Instagram accounts how NIVEA Hairmilk Natural Shine products perfectly  fit into their everyday hair care.


Through video post we reached almost 16.356 K views, 1.2 K likes and in total 49 comments. On the other hand, Instagram posts and stories achieved great results: 12.773 K likes, 136 comments and we reached 163.500 K followers.