NIVEA MEN - Be the best version of yourself!

The new fragrances are targeted at men over 18 who know what they want.

To introduce new scents called Amazonia and Espresso, we decided on two different types of influencers - popular comedian Ivan Saric and young youtuber Vid Juracic.

In order to reach as many people as possible, and to have a good quality communication with or potential customers , we decided to combine micro-influences and macro-influencers. This combination has proven to be a successful tactic when it comes to a product that already exists on the market. Either to relaunch a product or simply release a new version of the product already mentioned, as was the case in this campaign.

Scope of work for our influencers was two Instagram posts, two Instagram stories and sweepstake in which they gifted to their followers NIVEA MEN package.




The goal, as always, was to get authentic and natural communication with the audience and to introduce new scents to them. We paid extra attention to the authenticity of the content and the initial brief, which was carefully created according to their usual communication with their followers. As a result, the client  was extremely satisfied with the materials and the way they presented the product to the audience.

Also, our  influencer selection proved to be a full hit! With the help of our macro influencer, we reached almost 200,000 people, while the microinfluencer had an engagement rate of 18.12%, well above average. In addition, they both had as many as 70 entries in the creative competition, so we can safely say how successful this campaign was and how the new NIVEA scent found its way to the audience!

Second part of the campaign was an exclusive A press kit that we sent to 50 addresses. Influencers and journalists have received two new Amazonia and Espresso deodorants and a wireless external mobile charger. To meet the needs of a hectic NIVEA man's lifestyle, we have prepared them for usual daily challenges, that act resulted with 22 media content and value for money, 1:5.