NIVEA Primer Campaign with bloggers and influencers

New product presentation through interesting content on social media, we presented innovation in the NIVEA selection and explained its application.

Nivea Primer Case




Our assignment was to communicate three key product messages and present them to a target audience (women 25-35+, media, bloggers, influencers). The main tool that we used in the campaign was cooperation with beauty bloggers and influencers, with additional PR tools, digital channels, socila media.


We emphasized the effect of a product that provides equalized and smooth base for effective application of make-up and making it firm. Thanks to its light texture it is fast absorbing and its ingredients provide long-lasting hydration and a feeling of a soft skin.


The focus of campaign was cooperation with beauty bloggers and influencers Maša Zibar, Matea Frajsberger, Jelena Marinović and Marija Nikšić. All the girls had the same assignment: through social media they had to explain the application of the product and emphasize its advantages.


Beauty blogger Maša Zibar presented the product through video make-up tutorial in which her dog Buda chose make-up and then she explaind the best way how to use NIVEA Make-up Care Hydra Primer before applying the make-up, what are its advantages and why its application is important.


Bloggers and influencers Matea Frajsberger, Jelena Marinović and Marija Nikšić presented product through two Instargram posts to their followers. In the first post they presented their main benefits and briefly explaind how its used, while in the second post they awarded three followers in a creative contest.


Through video posts, we almost achieved 40 K views, 3.3 K likes and total of 200 comments, while the IG posts achieved incredible results: 8 K likes, 1140 comments, reached 84 K followers and achieved 122 K visits.