Pinterest – the next big thing. Part two

We've been writing it and today we're concentrating on how this social network can be used for business purposes.

In our previous article about Pinterest, we've been writing about his constantly growing popularity and today we're concentrating on how this social network can be used for business purposes. Besides the usual "golden rules", such as setting up strategy and goals BEFORE you start using a platform, Karen Leland, the President of Sterling Marketing Group, defined eight more specific guidelines:

  1. Watch your percentages - review Pins statistics on a daily basis and precisely define the percentage for each Pin you want to use for a particular Pinterest category: for instance, 40% of your pins are motivational and inspiring, another 40% are educational and 20% of pins are connected to your brand and business. By doing this, you boost user engagement and interaction.
  2. Install the Pin it button on your website and allow Pinterest users to automatically create pins on your site. Pinterest has a great solution for web sale since it provides a Conversion tag which helps to gather conversion insights and informs you about number of users who actually bought a certain product after visiting your web shop.
  3. Promote others - build a supportive community together with complementary brands and users.
  4. Promote your expertise - use keywords and phrases that are most commonly searched among your users. 
  5. Connect your social media platforms - tweet pins, use pins when you're writing a blog post and repost them on Facebook.
  6. Pay attention to pin placement- the most important pins should be positioned at the top and at the center.
  7. Connect Pinterest account to your website - in the pin description add a link for a free E-books download.
  8. Use videos and podcasts in order to create more interactive content.



Is advertising on Pinterest worthwhile?


Communication strategy on Pinterest, as well as on any other platforms, is completely ineffective without advertising strategy. Before you start advertise anything, it's crucial to define main objectives. If your goal is to increase user’s engagement, you'll invest your advertising budget in interaction with them. In case you want to drive more traffic to your website in way that every time when user clicks on your pin, it redirects him to your website, you'll have to pay for every visit to your site. However, if you just want to introduce a product to you audience, it's enough to promote a pin. The center is the optimal location of pin if the goal is to acquire high quality users, or increase a number of potential consumers. Targeting based on activities and interests is something you shouldn't overlook when creating pins.


Even though, unfortunately, advertising on Pinterest still isn't available in Croatia, graph presented further in the text, represents advertising costs on Pinterest in comparison with advertising costs on other social media platforms. Graph implies that advertising on Pinterest is much more cost effective from advertising on Facebook or Instagram, and that is one of the reasons why we think Pinterest could really become the next big thing.


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