Pinterest – the next big thing? Part one

Pinterest is particularly interesting for brand strengthening but also for market positioning.

Although Pinterest is often considered a social network, Ben Silbermann, its founder, called it a catalog of ideas. Pinterest is present on digital market since 2010 and 14 billion USD overall estimated value of the company says enough about its popularity. Almost 80% of its users are women, and 265 million users are active on a monthly basis. "If Pinterest was a country, it would be the fifth largest in the world!," said Jon Kaplan, the company's Head of Global sales.

pinterest grafikon


Every month Pinterest registers over 15 million new users. In addition to being interesting to women, in 2018 there was a growth in male users of more than 40%. Pinterest is particularly interesting for brand strengthening but also for market positioning. The number of followers, pins and boards are metrics for measuring successful campaigns.

41% of Pinterest users buy because of Pinterest


This impressive number describes best how Pinterest really is important to advertisers. In 2019, users are mostly searching sections dedicated to health and leisure, food, travel, celebrations, interests and hobbies, children and parenting, all for home, female and male styles and beauty. Pinterest is a platform that users are visiting to get inspired.


Ikea, Harvey Norman and Lesnina XXL are some of the promoted brands on Pinterest in Croatia. The advantage of Pinterest is that when searching for a particular concept, with well-placed advertising, your brand pops out in first positions and with a single click on the product photo you are linked directly to brand's web shop.  


Is there a success formula on Pinterest?


Like any other platform, Pinterest has its rules that you have to follow. It is crucial to keep in mind how pins are set and what is the main objective of the promotion. Pinterest users save the pins and according to their number it is easy to conclude in which topics they are interested in the most. Based on the number and the category of saved pins, Pinterest reminds you of the last viewed items and, in a way, „forces you“ to buy a particular product. The formula for success is to be consistent and active and to have good content and sales strategy.