Learn how to use a powerful marketing currency - PESO

The new marketing currency - PESO was used in the best possible way by Red Bull at Red Bull Air Race in Rovinj last weekend.

Consumers are exposed to more than thousand brand messages a day, so it's hard to stand out. We need to look at the consumers from all angles - not only how old they are, where they live or how much they earn, but also what are their habits, hobbies and interests. Consumers are going from sports and entertainment news to their political interests to what's new in gaming to what is new on social media. You must intersect in more than one stream to truly stand out. The messages must be concise and consistent.


Though you already know all this, you need to constantly keep that in mind. Besides all that, there is a novelty on the communication market - PESO (Public employment service office). With PESO you're able to create a winning combination by linking your own media with earned media, in both traditional and online channels, adding influencers, producing interesting content, optimizing media mix and by looking at converged media holistically.


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