"The battle for the favour of consumers is a priority"

Marina Čulić Fischer, Managing Partner in Dialog komunikacije, in the new edition of Privredni vjesnik wrote about the condition of communications industry in Croatia.

"Multimedia content became "the king", which means that nowadays communicators must equally know how to handle both image and video content, as they once did with textual content. The battle for the favour of consumers became a priority, mass media more often follow the development of new social phenomena and more rarely function as their creators", said the director of Dialog komunikacije Marina Čulić Fischer for Privredni vjesnik.


She emphasizes that communications industry in Croatia is going through a crisis for the past seven years (according to HURA's data related to investments in the media) where the investments in all communications channels are decreasing, except for digital channels. At the same time, the market launch of the new media (online, print, radio) is growing, as well as the establishment of new agencies.


"Creativity in entrepreneurship and the communication messages creation with lower budgets became even more important in communications business because the messages really need to be attractive to find their way through the forest of communication channels so they can reach the target market and stakeholders relevant for firms and organizations", explained Marina Čulić Fischer.


You can read the entire text HERE.