Main 2016 Social Media Trends

Ketchum, one of the world's leading public relations agencies, represented by DIALOG komunikacije in Croatia, has carried out a research defining main trends in social media in 2016. We have highlighted three key trends from the research

We live in the informational era with the era of nanotechnology approaching. Considering that social media plays a big part in it, one of the leading global public relations agency Ketchum, represented by DIALOG komunikacije in Croatia has carried out an internal research defining main trends in social media in 2016. We have highlighted three key trends from the research:


1. For succeeding in social media it is essential to combine payed and earned content


An average person spends about ten hours daily consuming media content.  Through that time the person is exposed to more than 5 000 commercials (source: eMarketer and Media Dynamics). Approximately one fourth of those messages is noticed by the consumers, and just about 3% has some kind of impact. The Internet is crowded with different types of content and users strongly control what kind of content they come in contact with. Combination of payed and earned content is the winner - payed content works the best when the story has a strong topic and is contextually relevant.


2. Video contents exponentially grow


Video in social media represents a place where organic and payed reach intensively overlap. According to the last report of the Shareable company, video content of the brands has increased by 98% and the engagment of video users has increased by 163%, compared to last year.

Investing in creating video content doesn't have to be expensive. Aplications like Photoshop and Instagram help create a dynamic and interesting content.


3. Facebook leads the development


Facebook has more than billion active users per day. The company has realized that visual is the key of communication in social media so they bought Instagram for one billion dollars. Through Instagram's application Boomerang we had the chance to see how photos become GIFs so Facebook has introduced GIFs as an option to profile images.

Live streaming continuously keeps growing. Categories with the fastest expected growth this year are food, creative industries and health. In December 2015 Facebook has provided live stream option for its users.

Researches have shown that in average we look on our mobile phones up to 50 times a day, so the bigger part of novelties that Facebook introduced last year were related to mobile platforms.