The campaign that survived an earthquake and Corona virus

In the company of 13 popular influencer, bloggers and youtubers, we introduced a new NIVEA product line!

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NIVEA Naturally good digital campaign started in February of 2020.  Campaign main goal was to launch new skincare line to our target audience. Our target are consumers who are trying to live a healthy lifestyle in harmony with nature.


In this campaign we used different PR activities such as event management, influences marketing and other digital channels.


NIVEA Naturally Good line contains 99% natural-based ingredients that promote cell renewal and enhance the skin's natural beauty. Each of the products in this line contains one organic ingredient and allows the skin to keep in touch with nature at all times of the day or night, making it naturally beautiful and healthy.


In the first phase of the campaign we organized a media event whose main guest and presenter was the famous TV gardener Kornelija Benyovsky Šoštarić.


She explained the benefits of the organic ingredients of aloe vera, argan oil and green tea found in the products of the new Naturally Good line.


The creative press kit included a set of products and a terrarium with live Aloe Vera in a specially designed bag. As a result we got more than 40 media publications in leading lifestyle media. 


In second phase of NIVEA Naturally Good campaign we organized small influencer workshop led by the girls behind the Shamai Grin brand where girls learned how to make  plant terrariums.


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In the company of 13 popular influencer, bloggers and youtubers, we introduced a new NIVEA product line, we highlighted most important ingredients in the line, and we talked about the importance of the ingredients that we bring into the body through cosmetics.


Due to workshop, influencers posted total of 66 IG stories on their channel's well as one Youtube video.


The final phase of PR mix we prepared was influencer campaign involving Ivana Blažoti Mijoč, Tea Dujmić and Ema Luketin. The campaign was originally scheduled for mid-March, due to corona virus and earthquake that happened in Zagreb we needed to ajdust our original communication and our timeline.


In additon to usual NIVEA hashtags, we included the current #ostanidoma hashtag and we also communicated that all products can be bought online.  Also, after the earthquake we postponed everything that was planned for that week to avoid potential negative feedback.


In the NIVEA Naturally Good campaign, with the involvement of only three influencers, we reached almost 250,000 people on social networks, we collected more than 51,000 likes and almost 800 comments. The average campaign engagement was very high at 27.11%.