Join us on the DIABLOG conference

Do not miss the third edition of DIABLOG, conference about bloggers and blogger community.

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Dialogue with bloggers, aka DIABLOG, is Croatia’s first conference about bloggers and blogging community, whose third edition will be held in Zagreb’s Kaptol Boutique Cinema on Wednesday, November 21, 2018.


The main theme of the third DIABLOG is authenticity, which has emerged as one of the key challenges in influencer marketing. In the sea of people who post content on social networks and have thousands of followers, it is increasingly important, and difficult, to stand out, be original and interesting. That is why this year, the conference will talk to bloggers and influencers coming from different areas and building their influence on different territories, including sports and politics.


From the political arena participants will be joined by Krešimir Macan, a former advisor to the Government of the Republic of Croatia for Strategic Communication, for whom social networks have been a passion for a long time now. One of the most successful Croatian athletes of all time, Ivica Kostelic, will tell the story of how he builds the position of an authentic influencer based on his sports achievements even after a professional ski career. From Serbia comes Milan Vučićević, an internet tycoon, an online wizard, a blogger and a tweeter known under pseudonym @nichimizazvan.


Everyone interested can sign up for the DIABLOG conference through the Entrio system, with Early Bird registration at a price of HRK 500 (€67).


DIABLOG is organized by the Dialog komunikacije agency. You can follow all the news about the conference at, as well as on DIABLOG Facebook and Instagram pages.