The secret to good content

For Beiersdorf, launching our new NIVEA Forming hairsprays, we developed and conducted a digital campaign with 3 influencers from Croatia.

Nivea _bts -125

Special attention was devoted on picking out influencers. Although the main focus was on their hair and hairstyles, as always, this time with deciding who we were going to pick their communication with their audience was crucial, along with their promptness on answering questions from their followers and content that they already had on their profiles. These were all things that had to be in line with brand values.


Influencers that we picked out, Martina Palić, Marko Medić and Jelena Marinović, discovered the secret to their good hair on their profiles following with products that they used to get that hairstyle. Of course, they were talking about new NIVEA products that stood out because of it's innovative formula which dosen't contain alcohol, but what it does contain is dry oil which nourished and protects hair from drying out. For client's needs, we arranged professional shooting and video-making. Later on, the original content that was made, except for influencers social media content was also used for native articles, web content, Facebook advertising and other needs for NIVEA brand.


In first phase of this campaign, which lasted two weeks, we reached 84 181 people and got extra content that influencers shared on their social media profiles. Also, 4417 people liked teaser posts form our influencers whilst the main video watched 37 477 people.