TikTok: a platform that is (for now) just talked about

Is creativity what we fear?

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Writes: Viktorija Štukar 


TikTok is a relatively new social network, ie a video platform that has attracted a lot of public attention in a very short time. Articles full of perfect numbers pop up from all sides showing TikTok as an almost perfect platform where you simply have to be present.


There are young people age 16 to 24 (44%), influencers, some new, yet undiscovered kids with an unrealistically large number of views, and the chances of success are the same for everyone since (yet) there is no algorithm to lower the number of views on every carefully (un)planned step… On the other hand, there are no brands on TikTok for now. This fact caught our attention, so in search of an answer, we decided to test and check in detail how TikTok works and what the "handle 22" is.


Curiosity is what drives us 

We took our time, created a new profile, and closely monitored the progress of the content over several months. The profile we created was designed as a more casual support for the Instagram page, which deals with the organization of trips, outdoor activities and socializing in nature, so the videos mostly showed clips from various events organized so far.


The first video, in just two days, reached almost 90,000 views, and over the next few days the number continued to grow to more than 130,000 views. Seems a little? Just try to reach that number on Facebook or Instagram without investing in advertising and with 0 followers!


A double-edged sword 

The next few posted videos showed no significant success, only about 1000 views. We missed something. We re-examined the content, comments and moments that the audience might like. We posted a new video and there it was, in just a few hours it has climbed to 50,000 views. We could say that TikTok is not vindictive, but it also does not forgive. It simply forces you to create interesting content and adapt.


If you make an interesting video, the views will grow very quickly, if you make something mediocre good, so will your numbers be. The number of your followers is not crucial for the number of views, the budget you can invest in advertising will not help you, because there is no advertising on TikTok. You just have to be creative and interesting. Is that what we are afraid of and why we don't go out on TikTok?


 The fact that there is no guarantee for the success of the content and budget that could  improve the situation after everything else fails certainly terrifies many.


What content gets good numbers 

Sticking to the theme, we tried everything that was available. Challenge, duet, longer video, shorter video, lip sinc… Duet in our case proved to be the worst option that did not affect the growth in the number of views. Responding to the challenge raised the number of views quite significantly considering that we used some of the most popular hashtags at the moment, but in order to respond to the challenge (in a quarantine situation) we had to stretch the profile topic, which was not our goal.


Over the course of a couple of months, we came to the conclusion that audiences love lip sinc videos that satirically depict everyday situations, popular easy-to-remember songs, and tension-building videos (watching to the end to see what happens in the end).


Also, it was interesting to note how the community on Tik-tok breathes as one. With the raise of a particular trend, it becames only thing that is watched and recorded, competed and compared. After that comes a new trend and almost all the attention shifts to it and the process starts all over again. It is important to follow the audience and trends on a daily basis and find your own way to follow the trends without moving away from the topic of your own profile.



There was a lot of talk about the fact that analytics is almost non-existent or, even better, that it does not exist. That is certainly not true. By transferring the profile to the business account, you can normally see the demographics of the audience and what kind of videos they mostly like, view the general summary and everything similar to what Instagram offers you. Nothing detailed, but certainly enough.


The main (and I personally consider the only) disadvantage of TikTok is that no one can guarantee you success. Much more effort is needed to create the concept, creativity and / or choice of influencers than on other social networks. Also, with the same or even smaller investments, it is possible to achieve incomparably better results, and that is what we all strive for.


It is important to study and prepare for change, follow the news and consider the potential of new platforms. Instead of fearing something new and different, it is important to show initiative and position yourself while the competition may still be hesitant.


Given everything we’ve had a chance to see, the times when it was crucial whether the video came out on the weekends or in the middle of the week to get the best results are slowly passing, and the creative finally gets a chance to show their best.